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Regaining My Life

"One day, the earth will consume you. What you consume decides when you will be consumed." -Sadguru

There was a time in my life when I could not eat anything without getting sick! It sounds extreme, unbelievable even, but true. This was a very tough period in my life. One that I almost did not recover from. During this time, what I ate was dictated by what my body could tolerate, which wasn't much. I spent years on special diets trying to address health issues that just didn't seem to respond positively to anything that I did! And then, in time, with proper nutrition (and lots of acupuncture!) my gut started to heal, then my immune system began to function properly, and gradually, very slowly, my energy returned. It was a long, arduous process; getting well and gaining my strength. There were many things that led to the demise of my health, one of which was improper eating. What I consumed, and what I didn't consume, was literally breaking down my system. I lost my life, my independence, and the freedom to participate in life how I wanted to. Eating "right" was one of the main tools that I used to regain strength and essentially claim my life back.

Due to my experience, I now dedicate my life to teaching different health practices. What you put in your mouth matters and is affecting your body each and every day. It is something that you have control of, especially living in a first world country that offers a bounty of beautiful foods! Please, consider my advice. See a health care practitioner who is well versed in nutrition. Learn and get support for eating appropriate foods for YOU, and supplementing when need be. It is a crucial adjunct to staying healthy and living a long and full life.

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