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Treat Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, PTSD.

Balance the Brain, Harmonize the Body

  • Do you suffer from Anxiety, Depression, addiction, or PTSD?

  • Have you been told your only options are medications?

  • Are you wanting to use natural solutions to heal?

  • Is cognitive behavioral therapy providing support but you still feel that there is something missing in your wellness approach?

We can help by…

  • Focus on normalizing the threat and survival mechanism within the limbic system of the brain. Replacing the previously activated trauma response with a new relay signal, thus rendering the previously received harmful experience as neutral.

  • Stop flow of stress initiated biochemicals that activate cytokine activity and inflammation.

  • Re-direct the autonomic nervous system to address automatic reactions.

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Are You Ready to Feel Better? 

Are you ready to feel better? Does any of this speak to you? Schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation to ask any questions you may have. 

*DISCLAIMER: Cognitive behavioral therapy is always suggested as part of an overall treatment approach when dealing with trauma.

Anxiety, depression, addiction, and PTSD many times are rooted in Trauma…

Trauma encompasses so many different things; traumatic brain injury (TBI), Betrayal, grief and loss, assault, abuse, and chronic illness to name a few. Under the umbrella of trauma we can feel anxious, depressed, disassociated, fatigued, irritable. We can experience flash backs, nightmares, dizziness, and impaired cognitive function.

Trauma affects the survival centers of the brain, located in the mid brain or limbic system, also known as the emotional brain. What this means is that trauma is experienced and interpreted by the limbic system. The parts of the brain that make up the limbic system are the amygdala, hypocampus, cingulate gyrus, and possibly the hypothalamus.


The limbic system or survival brain is responsible for processing sensory input. It alerts us to danger. It decides if something is dangerous. It sorts and categorizes all information and experience and decides how we remember and respond to all of this information. It’s sort of like a gate keeper…filtering incoming information and categorically deciding whether something is a threat or not. It stores memories, regulates hormones and motor function. It also regulates the autonomic nervous system, ie; the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

Examples: blood pressure, breathing, pulse, sweating, emotions. It is in charge of involuntary or unconscious process, basically running the show behind the scenes without us having to actually think about it. We don’t tell our bodies to sweat, or breath, or maintain bp. 

Whenever your limbic system is alerted to danger or potential threat it bypasses the thinking system. The body is taken out of the rest and growth mode into survival mode. Some of us, spend most of our lives operating in survival mode. 

You can imagine what effect this has on the body; increased heart rate, high blood pressure, endocrine disorders, sleep issues, concentration difficulties, anxiety, excessive sweating, shallow breathing, and the list goes on.

Leslie has helped not only me, but also my dogs with a number of health issues. I have a number of health conditions as a result of multiple traumas, and I don't like to take any more medication than I have to. Through acupuncture and body talk, I've been able to get off a number of my prescriptions. I was a bit hesitant at the thought of needles going into me, but Leslie talked me through the whole process and told me what she was doing before she did it, and it was incredibly relaxing! She gives me great guidance on any health question I have and ways to improve my situation.
My dogs have also benefited from body talk sessions—sometimes seeing an immediate improvement!  Two thumbs up and highly recommend!

Lindsay R., Oceanside, CA

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