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Food Allergies and Intolerances

Reverse food allergies & intolerances using natural solutions

  • Have you been diagnosed with food, chemical, or environmental allergies or intolerances?

  • Are you wanting to use natural solutions to heal?

  • Have you been told your only options are medications, allergy shots, and avoidance?

  • Are you wanting to have the flexibility to eat whatever want?

We can help by…

  • Stimulating specific afferent and efferent nerves and nociceptors in dorsal root ganglia while the person is in contact with the said allergen. 

  • Replacing the previously activated immune response with a new relay signal, thus rendering the previously received harmful substance into one that the nervous system now recognizes as harmless. The NAET protocol changes the characteristics of the previous stimulus into a new one.

  • Calming the autonomic nervous system, moving the body into parasympathetic state, where all healing takes place.

Allergic Reaction
Food Vehicle

More on Allergy Elimination...

There is so much confusion around the topic of allergies. Who has them? Who doesn’t? What is a true allergy? What’s the difference between allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances? Can one be cured of allergies or is it something that you just have to suffer with your entire life?


Western medicine considers a true allergy to be when an individual has an IgE mediated response upon inhaling, ingesting, contacting, or injecting a particular substance. These IgE markers can be detected in your blood. People can experience allergic symptoms without having an IgE mitigated response.  This would be considered an intolerance or a hypersensitivity. According to NAET principles, the definition of an allergy is more broad in that includes “unbalanced functions of all types, stemming from incompatible energies of foods, material, people, thoughts, or behavior.” 

People can rid their bodies of hypersensitivities, intolerances, AND true allergies with NAET. If you are wondering whether or not NAET is right for you, please, schedule a 15 minute FREE consultation or book online.

“I've worked with Leslie regularly over the last two years and found her to be professional and deeply knowledgeable.  She has helped me with both pain management and recurring allergies.”

Sheila S., San Francisco, CA

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