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Fight the flu naturally

The flu season is upon us again! There is actually a lot we can do to protect ourselves against the common cold/flu. There are of course vitamin and mineral supplements that protect (see below for suggestions). Keeping up on a healthy diet and moderate exercise is still important. Regular acupuncture boosts immunity so that we can fight off invaders with our own body defenses...and there are no side effects with acupuncture, other than feeling more relaxed!

For protection against the Cold/Flu use:

  • Echinacea-C ($18 for 90 Tablets)

  • Congaplex ($29.50 for 150 capsules)

  • One Lemon in tepid Water Daily (Do not heat the water)

  • Regular Acupuncture for Immunity Boost

  • Netty Pot

If you do fall ill with Cold/Flu use:

  • Echinacea-C

  • Congaplex

  • Thymex

  • Thymus PMG (for continued illness that just won't go away).

  • Do not eat or drink citrus if phlegm is present.

  • For light Sore Throat at the beginning of flu: Use hair dryer at the back of the neck (not for sore throat accompanied by fever)

  • Specific Chinese herbs help to address individual symptoms for cough, sore throat, and nasal congestion.

  • Acupuncture for Immune Boosting

  • Scratchy Throat - Stay warm! Take a bath with Himalayan Salt. Maybe even a short sauna. Light sweating is useful. Drink ginger tea throughout the day/evening. You can also make yourself cinnamon tea using 1tsp cinnamon in one cup of hot water. Use the blow dryer on the back of your neck. Sleep with hot water body or heat pack...anything to stay warm. Eat small amount of raw garlic. Take Thymex, Congaplex, and Echinacea.

  • Hot, Sore, Painful Throat - Eat raw garlic, as much as you can stand without bothering your stomach. Take Yin Qiao San (Chinese herbs), Thymex, Congaplex, and Echinacea.

  • Dry Cough - Drink hot water or ginger tea with honey. Wait for the water/tea to cool before adding honey. Use Loquat cough syrup plus Chinese herbs from your health care practitioner. Take Thymex, Congaplex, and Echinacea.

  • Any phlegm present, either in the sinus' or the lungs: Stay away from citrus! Citrus is good to take as a preventative measure against getting sick or at the very beginning stages of an illness, before there is any phlegm. Citrus will actually create more phlegm in the body. If phlegm is green, there is likely secondary infection. See your doctor. A cough that is more dry in nature accompanied by high fever or a low grade fever that persists could indicate pneumonia. Please, see your doctor. I have already seen three cases of pneumonia this year! Take Thymus PMG for any prolonged illness, plus Congaplex, and Echinacea. Use Qi Light to help clear up excess phlegm.

  • Stomach Flu: This is most likely repeat information from before, but important. If vomiting or diarrhea are present you must hydrate. Drinking coconut water will provide you with amino acids, electrolytes, and sugar necessary to hydrate. If you can not keep anything down for more than 24 hours, see your doctor. The leading cause of death world wide is Dehydration, usually from excessive diarrhea. Use your Supplements and Acupuncture to keep from getting sick! Above all: REST REST REST!!! Don't push yourself. Give your body time to recuperate and heal.

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