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Five Elements

How the five elements behave within your system makes the difference between wellness and illness, peace and turmoil, joy and misery. -Sadhguru

The five basic elements that exist in nature according to Chinese Medicine are: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. All of us have these five elements to various degrees operating in us. These elements are constantly influencing us in our lives.

We can look at Chinese Ba Zi, or Chinese astrology, to see which elements are dominant or recessive in your personal chart. Ideally each person has all of the five elements represented in their chart. When we see unevenness like too much fire, not enough water for example, we can see the repercussions of this showing up in the person’s life; whether in their health, their relationships, or life path in general.

The key is to recognize YOUR strengths and weaknesses so that you can influence your own personal environment in ways that better support YOU. The pendulum is always swaying. What we don’t want to see is the pendulum moving too strongly to one side or the other, creating instability in our lives. What is so empowering about looking at one’s Ba Zi chart is that it gives us direction. The more awareness you have about your inner nature the better able you are to navigate your own life. The result is living a healthier, happier life.

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