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  • Dr. Leslie Deems, DACM, LAc.


Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Primary Issues Patients Suffer with:

-Digestive Dysfunction

-Endocrine Dysfunction

-Hepatic (Liver) System Dysfunction

People may say…what about pain and inflammation! And thats true….but what is a leading cause to this pain and inflammation? Many times….yep you guessed it…it stems from the gut!

What can help? Supplement….ZYPAN!

What does it do?

Zypan is a digestive enzyme that includes HCL, hydrochloric acid, and pancreatic enzymes.

What occurs if you are low in HCL?

-You can not liberate or metabolize minerals from your food sources without sufficient HCL.

What happens with low mineral assimilation? Osteoporosis, fatigue, low cellular ATP production, muscle stiffness, anemia, poor thyroid function, etc. Basically every function in your body requires sufficient minerals. And with the state of our soil these days….you need every bit of help you can get to extract whats left of minerals in your food into your body for use!

-Toxicity! Plastic compounds from food packaging and water bottles; pesticide and herbicide residues in foods, hormones in meat and poultry, antibiotic residues, all these compounds end up in the stomach. If HCl levels are inadequate, all these toxins go on to cause problems in organ systems. HCl neutralizes all these substances; it destroys them-preventing literally hundreds of down-stream health issues.

-Pathogenic bacterial infections! All of our intestinal “itis” named diseases, as well as

crones disease, irritable bowel disease, arthritis, and a number of autoimmune

diseases, can be from pathogenic bacteria that were allowed to inter the intestinal system and

create various disease states….all due to an insufficiency of HCl, which is our primary

protection from food and liquid borne pathogens. HCl very effectively terminates

pathogenic organisms, but is tolerated by beneficial species of bacteria and yeasts.

Should EVERYONE supplement with Zypan?

Most people are deficient in HCl for the following reasons:

-Stress- stress down regulates HCl production, or more specifically, when stress places us in sympathetic dominance, HCl production comes to almost a standstill.

-Poor diet- diets lacking in green leafy vegetables (ammonium chloride source), salt (another

chloride source) citrus fruits, olives and bitters (various acidic compounds).

-Older (50+) patients- HCl production naturally declines with age. It starts to decline after age 35 and significantly drops after age 50.

Zypan: Can be use when there is an urgent need for HCl; recurrent microbial infections, bloating after meals, lower bowel gas 2-3 hours after eating, food fragments visible in stool, loss of taste for meat, or if you are 35 years age and older.

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