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  • Dr. Leslie Deems, DACM, LAc.

Butterfly Conservatory: A Rainforest regeneration project

Thank you for your attention for such a lengthy post! I know you all are busy with your own lives. And, are invested as much as I in the regeneration of our rain forests. Please read below about a very interesting rainforest regeneration and butterfly conservation project!!! Its worth your time...I promise!

I was fortunate enough to stumble across Glen and his Butterfly Conservatory/Rainforest Regeneration Project while traveling in Costa Rica. Located in the Arenal mountains, with an incredible view of the Arenal volcano, Glen sits on his 9 acres of rainforest that he alone has regrown! (presently he has the help of 6 people)

Glen moved to Costa Rica 17 years ago after retiring from working as an engineer in the US for many years. He found a small house in the Arenal mountains for himself at the age of 57. He wasn't particularly interested in gardening, growing plants, horticulture, or the like but he noticed that anything that he planted in the ground in his small yard would flourish...and quickly. He ALSO noticed that the neighboring rain forest land had been cleared in order to unsuccessfully run a dairy farm. Glen decided he was going to purchase 9 acres and attempt to re-grow some of the lost rain forest.

He started slowly, planting one tree at a time, himself. He researched what plants and trees were indigenous and planted those. One tree at a time, the rain forest gradually came back. The regeneration was quick! Now after 17 years, Glen is running a Butterfly Conservatory as part of his nature regeneration project that is dedicated to the preservation, growth, and study of the rainforest, with focus on butterflies and other tropical rainforest species such as frogs, lizards, fish, and plants of the Arenal region of Costa Rica. The project has grown to contain the largest exhibition of butterflies in Costa Rica and is a learning center for understanding the butterfly life cycle. Since inception the site is continuously being rehabilitated and integrated into a nature demonstration center for forest preservation and education of the public about methods of regenerating previously cut rainforest.

I wanted to let you know about this incredible project (and interesting person) because Glen is looking to retire. He would like someone interested in continuing this project to take over. This person would carry on Glen's work and hopefully expand the project.

Another option would be to find Glen an investor that could help support this project long term. This could be an individual investor, a university, a group of people. He needs help! He's done a great job...but he's now 75 years old and looking for more support.

Please, check out the links below and see if you or anyone you know might have the means to continue such an inspiring project. If you have questions, please, contact me or Glen directly at the below email.

Thank you!!!

Phone: 2479-1149(Costa Rica country code 506)

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