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"Friendship Garden" at the Border

This past weekend I had the incredible opportunity to check out the Bi-nanational Friendship garden at the US/Mexico border. Some friends and I painted some inspiring messages on rocks and brought them down to the border to be placed in the friendship garden. There are rocks and pens waiting there in the garden for you, if you feel so inspired.

A man by the name of Daniel Watman has planted three circular gardens at the border. Each semi circle grows on each side of the border, one side on the Mexico side and one on the US side. This Binational friendship garden grows local flora, fauna, AND vegetables "literally across the border." This delicious produce is picked and shared with local communities. Yum! What a great idea!

For those of you who live in SD or are just visiting, the trip is only about 20 minutes south of downtown SD. Daniel is there most weekends along with people who come to visit their friends and families who live on the other side of the border. We spoke with friendly border patrol agents, visited with a local reporter, and photographer, and of course enjoyed these beautiful gardens. Check out Daniel's Facebook page for more information or to learn of up and coming events being help at Friendship Park at the border.

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