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Podcast Interview II

I had another lovely opportunity to be interviewed for a podcast with the local energy healer, Carmen Tracey, ie. "Reiki Answer Lady." Carmen is a practitioner and teacher of Reiki in North County, San Diego. She provides the community with bi-weekly podcasts on various healing topics that attempt to fill in the gaps around what integrative medicine is all about. I really appreciate her dedication to educating people on various healing practices. Check out her website at:

Our topic of discussion focused mostly around the practice of Chinese Medicine and what that actually is.

In this podcast we cover:

-The use of herbs as medicine

-Acupuncture: Meridians...what are they...and what do they do?

-Body Wisdom

-Nutrition and Supplementation


-What is Cupping and how is it used??

-Benefits of Acupuncture

-Preventing Disease

-Meditation as a practice

-Cosmetic Acupuncture

Thank you Carmen. Enjoy the show...

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