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  • Leslie Deems LAc. and Devi Adea

Podcast Interview I

I was interviewed for my first Podcast! A woman by the name of Devi Adea, a business and life coach that lives in the San Diego area contacted me and asked me if I would be willing to be interviewed for her Podcast Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

During this episode Devi and I cover:

  • three power practices that Leslie and her patients use to maintain balance, energy and wellness

  • the importance of balance to create a successful enterprise and life

  • the power of mentorship and what to look for when selecting a mentor

  • supplementation and what to look for when selecting supplements

  • how to prepare yourself for maintaining balance if you or someone that you love is dealing with dis-ease in the body

  • how to listen to your body and learn from it in a time of imbalance

  • what is Chinese Medicine and what is included in practice of Chinese Medicine

  • a technique that Leslie teaches to help your body to deal with and heal from allergies

  • the importance of really listening and following your body’s guidance

  • how to get more done using short and long lists

  • productivity practices that Leslie uses to maintain a healthy business/play balance

  • what to do when clients who are undergoing change, project their fears and anger on you as a healing practitioner

  • how to deal with rejection in the area of client acquisition

  • and so much more…

Check it out. I had a lot of fun!

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