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  • Leslie Deems LAc.

Preventing Disease

What is preventive medicine? Preventive medicine is used to support, care for, and preserve one's health. Disease is seen as an imbalance in the body, one that has resulted over time. With this way of thinking, disease and ill health can be avoided.

In classic Chinese texts, it talks about how physicians of the time “did not treat those already ill, but treated those not yet ill, they did not regulate what was already in disorder, but regulated what was not yet in disorder.” In the ancient times, doctors had the intention of keeping their patients well so that the body and mind would avoid disease. It was well understood that once the imbalance reached a certain point, the body itself was no longer able to manage things appropriately.

There are many ways in which one can participate in measures that help to keep us healthy. Here are some keys, some of which you may already be well aware of:

-Nutrition: it's like beating a dead horse, I know, always talking about how nutrition is the cornerstone of health. There is a reason why we keep talking about it! It's true!!! I have seen countless disease processes reversed simply by changing ones diet. Type II diabetes patients have their blood sugars return to normal, patients with cancer go into remission, pain diminishes completely...all from changing one's diet.

-Always listen to your body! This is key. Your body is giving you signs and symptoms all the time. Learn to read these messages, knowing when your body, mind, and spirit need attention. When you feel like something isn't's probably true. Be an active participant in your own health. Don't leave it to others to tell you whether you are sick or well.

-Build a team of people that you can trust and that help assist you in staying healthy. This could mean seeing a chiropractor or acupuncturist regularly, keeping yearly exams with your primary care physician where you are appraised of complete blood panels (CBC and Chemistry panels) possibly seeing a psychotherapist, masseuse, nutritionist, etc. Consult with your community of providers when you have health concerns and remember that you are always your own best doctor.

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