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  • Leslie Deems LAc.

The Ancient Art of Face Reading

Chinese face reading is considered an ancient art form that has evolved over thousands of years. No one knows exactly when face reading first came about or when it was first practiced but we do know that its doctrine is based on years of experience and observation. After many years of careful consideration, the Chinese came to see that people’s behavior, personality, and feelings generated certain expressions on the face. After time, lines became permanent where a grimace frequently was, different colors emerged after prolonged illness, and physical or emotional traumas left their mark. All the various characteristics would essentially tell a story of some individual’s life.

In China, faces are still considered a road map to the soul, letting us view a person’s character, life lessons, talents, and weaknesses. The face does not lie as to someone’s true nature. The remarkable validity of face reading has helped to secure it in Chinese history, allowing its application to grow over the years. Chinese face reading has been and still is a respected art and philosophy, used by many.

Here are some fun tips about face reading:

-Hair: Straight hair indicates a more serious nature. Curly hair-wanting to let loose and have fun.

-Eye Color: Brown-family oriented, blue-skilled with technology, Green/Hazel-mood can change quickly.

- Noses: Large nose-people have good money making potential, Upturned nose-people spend more than they make, but money usually comes to them freely, down turned nose-people are frugal.

-Cheek bones: High, large cheek bones-this individual is very skilled at directing or telling others what to do. Little to no cheek bones-this person does not like to micro manage others.

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