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Is Too Much Sex Unhealthy?

In Chinese Medicine excessive sexual activity has been considered a cause of disease because it tends to deplete the Kidney Essence. It is only when the sexual activity is excessive that the loss of essence caused by sex does not have the ability or time to recuperate and replenish itself. So the big question is, what constitutes excessive sex?

To determine what excessive sex is we must first discuss what "normal" amounts of sexual activity are. According to Chinese Medicine, what is considered “normal” sexual activity is very relative. It depends on the person’s constitution, strength of essence, and therefore, age, physical condition, and what season it is.

Here are some general guidelines:

  • Excessive sexual activity is said to affect men more than women, as women recover more quickly post sex.

  • Second: What is meant by excessive sexual activity is actual ejaculation for men and orgasm for women. Therefore, sexual activities not culminating in orgasm are not thought to be depleting to the Kidney Essence.

  • Men’s sexual energy is directly related to the Kidney-Essence, whereas women’s sexual energy is more directly related to Blood.

  • The Dan Tian contains the essence in Men and the uterus contains the essence for women.

  • Ejaculation is considered a direct loss of Kidney Essence.

  • Giving birth to too many children in too short a period of time is likened to excessive ejaculation for men. Any factor that weakens the uterus eventually weakens the Kidneys, particularly Kidney yin. Therefore too many childbirths in too short a period of time is said to weaken the uterus and the Kidneys in women.

  • One should never have sex in a state of drunkenness.

  • Catching cold after sexual intercourse can severely weaken the Kidney-Yang. It is said that the Kidneys are temporarily weakened after intercourse so pay special attention not to get invasion of cold. Don't walk around bare foot post sex.

  • Reducing sexual activity is advisable when the individual is Qi, blood, or Kidney deficient.

  • There should be a decline in sexual activity in the winter and an increase in the spring time.

  • If premature ejaculation or impotence involved, sexual activity should be decreased

  • An individual who is unhappy with their sex life, might feel anxious, upset, depressed. This should be taken into consideration when considering someone’s overall health, as we all know unsatisfying emotions can lead to ill-health as well.

  • Vaginal Sex is warming to the body, anal sex is cooling.

  • If person experiences low back pain and has Kidney deficiency, their partner should be on top while the patient lies on a hard surface/ hard wood floor. This helps to tonify the Kidneys.

Sexual desire itself is a measurement of kidney function as well. A healthy sexual energy reflects a good strong Kidney energy. If the Kidneys are weak, particularly the Kidney-yang, there may be a lack of sexual desire, inability to enjoy sex, or difficulty in reaching orgasm. On the other hand, if the Kidney yin is severely deficient, this can lead to the rising of Empty-Fire, there may be excessive sexual desire with inability to ever be satisfied. This person may have vivid sexual dreams resulting in nocturnal emission in men and orgasms in women. So, if one has lack of sexual desire, Kidney-Yang should be strengthened and excessive sexual desire can be dampened by nourishing Kidney-Yin.

Recommended Frequency of Ejaculation

(according to ancient Chinese texts)

Age In Good health Average Health

15 2x/day Once/day

20 2x/day Once/day

30 once/day Every other day

40 Every 3 days Every 4 days

50 Every 5 days Every 10 days

60 Every 10 days Every 20 days

70 Every 30 days None

Minimum Recommended Frequency of Ejaculation

Age In Good Health

20 Every 4 days

30 Every 8 days

40 Every 16 days

50 Every 21 days

60 Every 30 days

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