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  • Leslie Deems LAc.

Food is Intelligent

Every day we put food into our mouths to feed our body and mind. We exercise our free will to choose what these foods (and beverages) are. This edible material is either full of nutrients, void of sustenance, or somewhere in between. These vital nutrients serve to build our bodies and our minds or contribute to a breaking down of highly functioning systems in our bodies. We need energy to survive and our energy comes from the food that we eat.

Are you noticing how the food (and drink) you put into your body affects your energy level? Is it giving or taking away energy? Is it making you sleepy? Is the food you are eating dulling your senses or encouraging vitality? High energy food leads to high functioning individuals. Food becomes a part of YOU. What you eat (and drink) plays into how you are processing your world. Don’t you want your body (heart and mind) functioning intelligently and efficiently?

Now, let’s take this one step further. Have you ever considered your food having its own intelligence? Recently in the New York Times there was an article published entitled “The Intelligent Plant.” This article, not the first of its kind, explores different research studies around plant intelligence. We already know that plants respond to whether or not they receive water, air, and sunshine but now we know that they also respond to the emotions of people around them; fear, anger, and love. Apparently plants can actually learn behavior and retain memory of this learned behavior. This intelligence is what you are putting into your own body. This plant is becoming a part of you.

You want what you put into your body to work with you, not against you. You want to maximize nutrition and energy. So make smart choices when it comes to elevating your mind. You only have one body, mind, and heart. Bring awareness to your food choices! Beautiful food is here to nourish!

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