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Childbirth and Acupuncture

Just two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to assist in the arrival of my little niece Amara. Even after studying Chinese Medicine for over 16 years, using it to aid in fertility, inducing labor, and post partum care I am still amazed at the effectiveness and ease at which this medicine works!

After hearing that my sister in law had been in labor for three days, (yes that’s right three days), I decided to fly up to SF and be of whatever support I could to both her and my brother. Upon arrival to the hospital my sister in law’s cervix was dilated to 4 centimeters. It had taken her three days of excruciating labor pain to get to 4 centimeters! I encouraged her to get an acupuncture treatment to assist in dilating the cervix. After a 30 minute acupuncture session my sister in law’s cervix went from 4 to 9 centimeters in less than an hour. Now if that isn’t powerful I don’t know what is!

My little niece did end up arriving via C-Section in the end. Her heart rate kept dropping whenever mom started to push. When the doctors performed the C-Section it was found that the cord was indeed wrapped around her neck. Thank goodness for modern day intervention!

During my stay with mom and baby I continued with post partum care. We were able to get my sister in law on an herbal formula to help with quick recovery. We used acupuncture every other day to help with pain, energy, sleep, exhaustion, nipple tenderness with breast feeding, lactation, and more. Each time there was a glitch we treated it with acupuncture and sailed right through! She has done amazingly well.

I am sharing this success story so that more people know the benefits of acupuncture and herbs! What useful tools they can be in managing infertility, pregnancy, and postpartum. Don’t forget that acupuncture has been statistically proven to increase the effectiveness of IVF by 30 percent! As more research is done around the use of acupuncture and herbs we will learn that the integration of this medicine needs to happen NOW! It’s so easy, non-invasive, and inexpensive! What’s the hold up people?

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