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Dr. Devi Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique, NAET, is an innovative and lasting solution in the treatment of all kinds of allergies. Most people are familiar with environmental allergies, like hay fever, but what most people don't know is that one can be allergic or hypersensitive to just about anything. People can have mild to severe allergic reactions or intolerances to weeds, pollen, various foods, chemicals, physical conditions like damp and cold, natural fibers like cotton, pesticides, pathogens, mold, etc. It is even possible to be allergic to certain people and situations in our lives. These hypersensitivities can occur on physical, biochemical, and/or emotional levels.

All allergies involve the brain! One way in which allergies or intolerances are formed involves our limbic systems. As an individual experiences stress or trauma, the limbic system (part of the brain) is gathering all of the information in the environment at that particular time. It is deciding whether or not what is in the surroundings is a threat to you. Over time, if the stress happens enough times or is a significant one time trauma, the limbic system will decide that certain things in the environment that you are taking in with your sensory organs (what you're eating, breathing in, or even who you are with) is dangerous to you. The body begins to mount a histamine (or allergic) response to what it perceives as a threat to you (your mother, vitamin C, bananas, pollen, etc). 

Dandelion Fields
Fur Particles Allergy

The NAET protocol works with the brain to unwind these perceived potential threats (allergies) so that the body never reacts to them again. 


Treatment consists of the patient holding a glass vial of the allergen while certain acupressure points are stimulated along the spine. While points are activated, the patient is asked to do a set of various breathing exercises. Acupuncture or acupressure is then applied to specific body points. The entire treatment lasts less than one hour. The allergen is then avoided for 25 hours. NAET treatment consists of treating the top 15 allergies first which are made up of common vitamins, minerals, and hormones. It is important to clear the body of any allergies within these top 15 first in order to provide lasting relief to other aggravating substances.


If you are wondering whether or not NAET is right for you, please, read the book entitled "Say Goodbye to Illness", or give us a call. We would be happy to clear up any confusion.

D.A., Wisconsin

"I just wanted to send you a BIG THANK YOU for healing me. I am amazed at the results of NAET and so grateful for you."

Deidre Christensen, San Diego CA
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