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Environmental allergies can be related to natural or unnatural substances. Examples of natural allergens would be: pollens, weeds, trees, flowers, wood, grasses, dirt, dust, and insects. People can also suffer from allergies to chemicals or unnatural substances in our environment like pesticides, chlorine, exhaust, detergents, medications, vitamins, cosmetics, plastics, and smoke.


Hay fever is a common, well known condition that affects millions of people. Hay fever is characterized by sneezing, itchy/watery eyes, congestion, and respiratory disturbances. Individuals with hay fever are creating a histamine response to grasses, pollen, and weeds. Chronic sinusitis, asthma, respiratory disturbances, fatigue, and irritability are often the result of environmental and/or chemically induced allergies. NAET, acupuncture, and herbs are effective tools at dispelling hay fever. People who have suffered for years can and do find relief! You need not continue to hide indoors, have dark circles under your eyes, and chronic congestion!


Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is an illness in which the individual has an allergic response to fragrances, perfumes, environmental substances, etc., on a regular basis.  These individuals can react to deodorant, soap, shampoo, conditioner, face/body lotion, cologne, perfume, hair products, laundry detergent, make up, etc. The reactive substance can be chemical base in nature or considered a natural substance. Reactions involve anything from migraines, to nausea/vomiting, fatigue, to hyperactivity. MCS can be completely debilitating and isolating. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is, unfortunately, a growing concern for many.  I have found that NAET is the best approach in the management of this life-altering illness.

 “I started experiencing allergies and asthma in my twenties. I tried a few different things to alleviate the symptoms but hoped for a long term solution. Leslie helped me with NAET and acupuncture treatments, and increased my awareness of contributing factors through the Standard Process cleanse. I have been nearly allergy free since then. I've been able to understand and help support my body's healing process with Leslie's help. Leslie is a caring highly intelligent health practitioner. I highly recommend her!” -E. Dimond ​

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