About Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a way of practicing medicine that truly looks at all of the parts of the body and how they are functioning as a whole. The various organs and systems (circulatory, lymphatic, digestive, etc.) have a way of interacting with one another that promotes health and wellness. If one of these systems has a weakness or breaks down entirely, the entire whole will not work at its optimal capacity. 

Functional medicine focuses on a complete and detailed history of the patient, along with information from diagnostic tests; like that of blood, urine, saliva, and feces. Care is individualized in order to better understand the root cause of disease and to access risk factors associated with disease.  Read More

About Dr. Deems

Dr. Leslie Deems is the founder of Awaken Balance.  She is a doctor of acupuncturist and Chinese medicine, herbalist, NAET practitioner, and lecturer. She has been studying and practicing Chinese Medicine for 20 years. Leslie was drawn to the art of Chinese Medicine when facing her own healing crisis in 1995. Her personal journey with the efficacy of acupuncture is what drew her to apprentice with the world famous Dr. Richard Tan in San Diego.


Leslie treats a variety of illnesses and diseases, but she has a passion for helping people with chronic pain issues and food allergies.  


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"Acupuncture is definitely worth your time and money. How many modalities and/or supplements (that are non-medicated) can improve your life? I only know a few and acupuncture is at on top of the list. I hope you find time to visit Leslie as her wisdom, suggestions, and treatments will improve your life.”

–Dawn Andersen, Wisconsin


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