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“I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC) years ago which drove me to find relief from the symptoms of UC. The most effective modality I was able to find was multiple acupuncture sessions weekly. After each session with Leslie, I had more energy, an improved appetite and reduced UC symptoms. At this time, Leslie was also able to teach me muscle testing, which has been a blessed tool in my life. It took me a while to master it, but I do not go a day without using this tool.”

-D. A., San Diego



“I have limited use of my left hand and arm.  Treatments with Leslie help with dissipating the pain and stiffness as well as improving range of motion.  As a bonus, my sessions with Leslie leave me with a tremendous sense of well-being.  Under her care, my condition continues to improve and gives me hope of a full recovery."

-K.U., Vista, CA


“I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in the summer of 2014. While going through chemotherapy, I had regular acupuncture sessions to treat side effects. I found the only way to holistically work with the side effects was the use of acupuncture and essential oils. Due to my acupuncture sessions, I was able to maintain my weight, keep blood tests within normal range, decrease the neuropathy which was present and mitigate muscle aches/ pains. I then moved onto radiation which presented many more side effects for my body. I had nausea, headaches, muscle aches, very low energy, skin irritation and not to mention the emotional part of the ordeal. During this time, I went to acupuncture every day as I knew this was the only way for me to get through the radiation sessions. I felt better after leaving every acupuncture appointment which proved to be the catalyst of my getting through the remainder of each day. Basically, acupuncture was literally my life saver.”

-Anonymous, San Diego


"Leslie is a Master Acupuncturist. Her treatments have helped me with lowering frequency of urination at night, prostate support, and increased libido. Leslie helped my daughter with pregnancy support and low back pain.  I always feel great after her treatments. She comes highly recommended by me."

-Rick Ireton. Del Mar, CA


“Acupuncture is definitely worth your time and money. How many modalities and/or supplements (that are non-medicated) can improve your life? I only know a few and acupuncture is at on top of the list. I hope you find time to visit Leslie as her wisdom, suggestions, and treatments will improve your life.”

–D. A., Wisconsin


"I began seeing Leslie in January 2014. At that time, she started treating me for a stubborn anal fissure that would not go away no matter what topical medications my Western doctors prescribed. I suffered for two long years until something told me to seek ‘alternative’ treatment.

The minute I met Leslie I knew I had made a good choice. She wanted to know who I was and what was going on in my life. Equally important, she wanted to know what I ate, how I slept, and what my bowel movements were like. She was treating the ‘whole’ person and not looking for quick fixes or to place Band-Aids on things.

 Along with some necessary diet changes and supplements recommended by her, I started to feel healing in the intestinal tract. My acid reflux became a thing of the past. Within 10 months my fissure was finally healed. While 10 months sounds like a long time, Leslie would often remind me that healing happens in waves and she emphasized patience. She was right: I didn’t get sick in one day so why would I expect healing to happen in one day?

 Next, I decided that I wanted to lose some weight and Leslie told me that it would be challenging to drop the pounds no matter how much I exercised if I didn’t consider a purification program first. Under her supervision, I completed a 21-day purification/detox program. Again, not an easy thing initially, but I completed it and shed 9 lbs. Post the program, with exercise and continued good eating habits and exercise, I have dropped a total of 25  lbs!



“I cannot say enough about the benefits of acupuncture and the gifts and talents of Leslie Deems. My story is somewhat intense as I have had to work on healing multiple health issues for years and know that my main alternative therapy of acupuncture has been my savior. So much so that I have returned home early from traveling to get acupuncture treatments and found practitioners where I have traveled when I could not get home.”

-Anonymous, San Diego


Leslie is amazing!
A few years ago, I went on a trip to Big Sur, accidentally shared my sleeping bag with a spider, and got several spider bites on my face. After literally two months with a swollen and itchy face, and various ineffective treatments from my regular doctor, a friend convinced me to give Leslie a try. I was very skeptical but also at my wits end and willing to give anything a shot. After just two treatments over the course of a week, the itching and swelling was completely gone!

About a year later, I was being an idiot in Venice Beach and had a bad bike accident. I landed directly on my lower back and could barely walk for the whole next week. I should have gone to her immediately, but even though she fixed me so quick the first time, I was still skeptical for whatever reason. But after a week of pain with almost no signs of improvement, I finally gave Leslie a call and made an appointment for that evening.
The following day, the pain was worse! But she warned me that might be my body's initial reaction to the treatment. And who knows if I slept in a bad position or whatever to exacerbate things. By the second day after the treatment, however, there was considerable improvement. I got treated again the next day and was about 80% better by the fourth day after my first treatment (still sore but able to walk and move around with no problems). Within a week or two I was back to 100%.

If you are having health issues, give Leslie a call and give it two treatments before you decide whether it was worth it. I think the results will speak for themselves.

-Scott Templeton, San Diego, CA

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After having vertigo for at least 10 years, it has been difficult to accept (and believe) that it is gone after only one treatment!  I have 'tested' it on several occasions: working out at the gym and at home. I can now dust and vacuum the ceilings all by myself and fix fallen drapes standing on a ladder. For years I have only slept on my left side in fetal position as that was the only way to avoid spinning. Last night I slept on my back for a long time. All in all,I consider it a miracle... thank you seems so inadequate to say.

-Jeanne Jesmore, Vista, CA


I'm 26 weeks prenant. I saw Leslie for heartburn and a pulled lower abdominal muscle. I would experience sharp abdominal pain upon standing and walking. After one treatment, the heartburn and pain in my lower abdomen went away! I plan to see Leslie again as preventative care during my pregnancy.

-Dawn Resney, San Francisco, CA


I saw Leslie to primarily improve my ability to sleep and breath.  Over the years I have had trouble breathing and saw various doctors including a few allergists looking for a solution.  Recently I had developed trouble sleeping through the night.  After four treatments my ability to sleep has significantly improved and the issues with breathing have all but gone away.   Initially I walked in with serious reservations about alternative medicine including acupuncture and NAET but with my most recent experience those misbeliefs have been dispelled.  I highly recommend Leslie's approach to corrective actions towards overall well being.

- Eric Robinson, Temecula, CA

I was referred to Leslie in 2010.  I was advised that acupuncture, if added to my existing chiropractic and other health care, would help speed recovery and add a layer of treatment that would be very beneficial to me .   I had recently suffered the traumatic loss of a very close friend and my father; I was emotionally and physically drained and so I figured I’d give it a try.  I was really trying to deal with the deaths, but my mind kept going back to their hospital rooms and I couldn’t get it to stop.  Physically,  I was sick with one thing after another, had little energy and a chronic inflammation issue I’ve been dealing with my entire adult life was out of control.  I remember telling Leslie that I felt like everything inside of me was wound up in the wrong direction.   My first visit with Leslie helped my mental state immediately.  In one session, I left the constant dwell of the emergency rooms and my focus and energy shifted dramatically.     She worked on my immune system with acupuncture and supplements allowing my health to quickly improve.  I’ve been seeing Leslie ever since, and have learned that I can talk to her about everything - if I’m not sleeping well or worrying too much, hot flashes, food allergies, stomach issues, pulled muscles, aches and pains - and she always helps.  Acupuncture treatments have been especially effective for my night sweats. I knew I didn’t want to pursue HRT and I’m so grateful that Leslie has been able to help me.
My son did NAET with Leslie after years of suffering through debilitating headaches, stomach aches and bouts of exzema.  Gluten-free and dairy-free diets, along with countless dermatology treatments, sometimes helped his symptoms but most of the time did not.  The allergy elimination treatments Leslie did for him improved his quality of life so much that now, some 6 or so years later, it’s hard to look back and remember how badly and often he suffered.  I wish we had found Leslie sooner.
Leslie is very patient and genuinely cares.  She listens as I ramble on about the things that are stressing me out or my newest ailment.  Leslie’s space is relaxing and comfortable, she’s very professional and her treatments consistently deliver wonderful results.  We are very grateful to have Leslie’s caring and wisdom.  She is a true gift.

-Lisa Ruh, Del Mar, CA

It is without hesitation that I recommend Dr. Leslie Deems for acupuncture and holistic healing. Leslie has effectively treated me for PTSD, depression, diabetes, arthritis, bladder infections and a myriad of other maladies and ailments. Her applications ensue without pain and always yield a conscious and physical shift when completed. Most healers I’ve encountered base their renderings on knowledge rather than intuition and a sense of empathy. Because Leslie possesses the intuitive sense and subsequent facilitations thereof, I continue consistent and miraculous improvement. 


Avis (AJ) Johnson

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