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  • Leslie Deems

Exercise the Inside

It is just as important to exercise the inside as it is the outside!

Daily meditation benefits…

  • Increase ability to respond to your environment instead of reacting

  • Improve quality of sleep

  • Create clarity of mind

  • Stimulate the release of physical, emotional, and mental blocks

There are COUNTLESS positive effects of meditation and numerous types to choose from. I have been practicing a form of meditation since October 2013. This particular form of mediation, or Kriya, is taught by Sadhguru from India. I have learned many different styles of meditation practices over the years and this one, I have to say, has been one of the most powerful. The Inner Engineering program is offered online or as a weekend seminar.

Information of Sadguru's Inner Engineering program can be found here:

Take care of yourself! Create the balance that you are looking for in your life. Pick up meditation!

Check out the recent study done by Harvard on the benefits of mediation on my Facebook page!

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