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Cooking vibes

Have you ever experienced a meal so incredible that you wondered how someone had created such a masterpiece of flavors? Most likely, the meal was cooked with positive intention. The meal had the energy of love, creativity, and joy in it! We can influence our food just in how we prepare it. "There is an invisible energy that is imparted to your food by the cook that affects everyone who partakes in it." In this way, it makes a big difference if you bring more awareness to your state of mind while you are cooking for yourself and others. Here are some things to pay attention to:

  • Cooking while in a hurry can result in food that actually creates anxiety in the people eating it.

  • Food prepared in a state of anger imparts anger

  • If the cook is feeling rejected, people eating the food may indeed reject and complain about the food

  • Food cooked while sad will naturally produce food that contributes to feeling sad

Our intent affects everything around us including the food that we are preparing! Here are some suggestions for cooking a delicious meal that not only tastes good but feels good.

  • Most importantly...Be grateful for the opportunity to cook for others. You are nourishing them and yourself!

  • Relax! It's better to have a meal prepared calmly than in a rush. Your guests won't mind the wait when they taste how delicious the food is! Planning your meals beforehand can help things move at a more fluid pace.

  • Be pleased with your cooking!

  • Don't overload yourself with complicated recipes. Simple food is sometimes the best and most nutritious.

  • Strive to bring out the natural taste in each food. Foods in their most whole form usually are the most nutritious.

  • Don't turn the cooking into work! Allow yourself plenty of time and have fun!


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