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Acupuncture for Back Pain

Acupuncture is a well known treatment for back pain. Upper and lower back pain, neck pain, even sciatica all respond well to acupuncture. Chronic or acute back and neck pain are probably the most common complaints that I see.


Acupuncture is based on “meridian theory.” Meridian theory states that there are 12 main meridians that run through our body.  These meridians, or energy pathways, are much like freeway systems that transport blood, Qi (energy), nutrients, and fluid to various organs and organ systems in the body. If there is a blockage along one of these main meridians, much like an accident on the freeway, it is difficult for blood, nutrients, and Qi to get to where they need to go.  Pain can be a result of this! Acupuncture essentially removes the blockage or stagnation along the meridian/energy pathway, eliminating pain.


Whether it’s an over use injury, an acute sprain or strain, or chronic degeneration, acupuncture works to rebalance the particular area of the body that is in need of support. The inherent wisdom of the body to heal is absolutely extraordinary when given proper tools to assist in healing. Acupuncture is one of those tools.


Many patients want to know how many treatments they will need in order to feel better.

When treating back and neck pain, a reduction in pain on the first visit by 40-70 percent is common. If the back or neck pain is a long standing health issue, I recommend 10-22 treatments over 1-3 months duration. Acute back and neck pain sometimes resolve with one treatment. Individual lifestyle can add or take away from the healing process.


Leslie practices what is called the Balance Method. This method was put forth by Dr. Richard Tan of San Diego. A regular treatment usually does not consist of treating locally but using acupuncture points that are distal to the area of disturbance.  What this means is that Leslie does not place needles directly where you are experiencing pain and trauma. For example, needles used to treat low back pain are placed in the dorsal aspect of the hand. The idea behind this is to “not hurt the sick baby.” Better and quicker results are received when distal points are used to treat pain and injury.


One of acupuncture’s claim to fame is pain relief! The inherent wisdom of the body to heal is absolutely extraordinary when given proper tools to assist in healing. Why not take advantage of this non invasive approach in the treatment of pain in order to regain quality of life.

"I love the way I feel after an acupuncture treatment.   I feel energized for the rest of my day but at the same time I am relaxed and have a sense of well being.  The reason I go is usually because of pain somewhere in my body. Leslie has helped relieve back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain due to arthritis, and reduce hyperthyroid symptoms related to Hashimotos thyroiditis.   She keeps me balanced and helps me attain quality of life.   I highly recommend her treatments and her health advice." 

-Jean D., Escondido, CA​

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