Ba Zi (Chinese Astrology) and 9 Star Key

The three most important influences in life, according to Chinese Medicine, are timing, placement, and people.  The elements in nature are constantly influencing these three basic things. Each year of your life has a dominant element that influences the progression of that particular year. It is valuable to know if you are in a year or decade that is supportive of taking action and instigating change, or if it’s a time that encourages rest and relaxation. When you become aware of these elemental influences, it’s as though you have been given a compass with which to better navigate the cycles of your life. You are better able to nourish yourself, maintaining balance and harmony no matter what is going on externally.


Benefits of Combined Ba Zi and 9 Star Key Readings:

·What colors, foods, and activities will support your health and well being 

·Determine what your romance colors are for your lifetime in order to bring in a perfect mate, or to support an already existing relationship.

·Discover which colors encourage success and money making, whether in work or investments

·Learn whether or not it’s a year for rest and relaxation or movement and change

·Ascertain whether it’s a year to move residence, change jobs, or start a business

·Which years over your life time are good money making years for you

·What sort of partner would best nourish you

·What is the general trend for the decade you are in: one of outward movement or inward searching

·Discover how YOU would best feel happy and peaceful in your life


Sessions are 75 minutes for $195