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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Many people are familiar with the fact that Chinese medicine is an age old practice, dating over 5,000 years. What most people are not aware of is that Chinese medicine can be instantaneously effective.


Getting rid of pain and illness can be simple and easy when one views disease as merely an imbalance. The body's own healing system naturally wants to regain equilibrium or homeostasis. If supported in appropriate ways, health will return.


Chinese Medicine is a non-invasive method that treats your whole body system: physical, mental and emotional. It clears energetic blockages, improves circulation, and nourishes organs and tissues; thereby releasing the body from pain, trauma, and stress. In addition to reducing pain and symptoms of disease, one of the natural side effects of acupuncture is in increase in relaxation.


Leslie Deems practices the Balance Method, created by Dr. Richard Tan. The beauty of this method is that it is effective for the treatment of pain as well as chronic illness. Depending on the condition, patients can experience a reduction in pain anywhere from 30-70 percent at the time of their initial visit.


Acupuncture today is used as part of Integrative Medicine practices.  It is covered by most insurance plans and is a primary therapy in the treatment of many chronic diseases. Over one quarter of the world’s population currently uses Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine for their primary healthcare. 


Awaken to the idea that health can be restored in a gentle yet powerful way. Remind your body of its own inherent wisdom so that health and balance are restored.

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